Linda Hall

Before suffering a bad fall, Linda Hall and her husband Ted lived a great life. She practiced yoga and helped out with a dementia support group. She and her husband lived a full and independent life.

On a cold winter day, Linda hit a patch of ice while walking and fell, fracturing her ribs. After spending time at IU Health Bloomington Hospital, she needed to find a hospital for continued care. Her case manager highly recommended inpatient rehabilitation at Bloomington Regional Rehabilitation Hospital. With her decision made, Linda was very excited to start the next phase of her recovery.

Although Linda missed sleeping in her bed, practicing yoga, and spending time at home with her husband, she worked hard at her recovery. Right off the bat, she was very impressed with the care and attentiveness the BRRH staff provided. She particularly hit it off with her physical therapist, Stevie. She explained that Stevie made her very strong and flexible.

Success for Linda meant returning home. After working hard with her care team, she did just that. Even though she was very thankful for her time at BRRH, Linda was excited to see her husband and friends. She looked forward to taking care of herself again and couldn’t wait to get her hair done. With the skills and education, she received at BRRH, Linda confidently returned home to lead her fulfilling life once again.

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